I am sure Jodie Humphries or Robin Richards did not want to lead people to wrong conclusions and I also think her concern is right: People are eating way too much salt. It is also true that the infographics she used is a piece of art. But how wrong the sizes of the beautiful salt mountains are in the picture:

In 2D infographics like this, it is the area of the salt mountains that should represent the amount of salt in the food!

If you look at the red Burger King meal mountain and compare it with a tiny Mayonnaise dot, how many dots would fit into the red mountain? Yeah, maybe couple of thousand of them. How many Mayonnaise mountains there should be compared with the burger meal in a correct picture? Roughly 20. The picture is thus exaggarating the relative salt levels of the big mountains with a great magnitude.

What about correcting the mistake, NGF!


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