Santiago Ortiz has created a very nice interactive visualisation on the Lost TV-series script and actors: Lostaltic. This piece of work is just unbelievable! Even if you are not a fan boy of Lost, check it out! The complete script is visualised in different ways with relationships between characters and so on.

I am wondering what kind of real life applications there could be to utilise his work. The whole visualisation boom is so strong that this kind of standalone pieces of work that keep on amazing people will eventually find their way to the business applications in both B2C and B2B markets. In some years we will see the CRM, BI, ERP applications turning their user interface partially into an interactive visualisations.

Visualising the contractual relationships of a company? Partners of a non-profit organisation and how they relate to each other? Personal relationship management software for the students?

>No doubt there will still be a role for old-school tables, matrices, graphs and other methods in communications, since some people understand it better from the numbers and text. But I’d argue that the visualisations of all kinds will turn out to be the norm quite soon across everything we do in our personal lives and in business.

In the mean time, Santiago and all other masters, please keep up the good work!


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